Cary and Company Services

Cary & Company provides contractor services including both home repairs and improvements. To save home owners money, referals are often provided where a contractor is not needed (such as for swimming pools, green landscaping,
appliance repair, etc.).

Home repairs include the replacement of water damaged windows, doors, trim, siding, roofinglargeroofing, sheetrock and flooring… most anything that needs repaired.

Home upgrades include floor upgrades, sheetrock, painting, fences and decks, brick, masonry and concrete work, roofing, new windows and doors, guttering, remodeling, kitchen and bath renovations and the like.

Possibly the most valuable service offered is The Home Upkeep Plan.   This plan offers a comprehensive home inspection service on a regular basis that protects and beautifies the home.  For more information, go to the The Home Upkeep Plan page. 

Cary and Company Standards

1. The customer shall receive a professional, courteous response to any inquiry.
2. The customer shall receive no false promises or claims regarding any project or repair.
3. The customer shall expect all appointments to be kept at the scheduled time. If a conflict arises, the customer shall expect a phone call.
4. The customer shall receive all cost estimates, proposals, and contracts in writing for the requested project or repair (unless otherwise requested).
5. The customer shall not be asked to make final payment until all work is completed in a satisfactory manner.
6. The company shall recommend only those projects and repairs that are structurally and financially sound.
7. The company shall be fully licensed, meeting all federal, state, and local requirements.
8. The company shall be able to provide proof of insurance and bonding upon request.
9. The company shall provide a list of customer referrals upon request.
10. The company shall treat all persons fairly regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin.
11. The company shall provide a minimum of a 90-day warranty on all labor and materials.