Cary and Company Home Upkeep Plan

If you are a homeowner, Cary & Company can help you take care of your home. When you need something done around your home and you don’t have someone who can do the work, we would like to be your “go to” home maintenance company. From small inside repairs to large outside projects, we can help. In an effort to take care of your home on an on-going basis, Cary & Company offers you The Home Upkeep Plan.

Why Have a Home Upkeep Plan?
As we take pride in our homes, we often pre-schedule termite and pest control, lawn care, landscaping, and house cleaning in an effort to keep up our homes. Though there are many aspects of home upkeep, one of most important financially is having a preventative maintenance plan. If someone is not inspecting your home regularly, the resulting repairs can be very costly! Thus, a home upkeep plan is needed to serve as a prevention measure against exterior wood rot and interior water damage.

What Does the Basic Home Upkeep Plan Provide?
First, The Home Upkeep Plan includes quarterly or biannual pre-scheduled home maintenance visits where the home is inspected for cracks in the exterior walls and trim at soffits, cornice, windows and doors. As cracks are found, they are caulked and/or painted as necessary. Finally, a report of the inspection, work performed and potential trouble areas is provided. This gives the homeowner the satisfaction of knowing their home is being thoroughly maintained, and costly repairs will be minimized.

How Much Does the Home Upkeep Plan Cost?
In an effort to be fair to each homeowner, the pricing depends on factors as the perimeter linear footage of the house, the number of stories and the number of windows and doors. The average price is around 30 cents times the total square footage of the home. Payments are made after each service is performed. Thus, the basic service for a typical one story 2000 square foot home would be about $150.00 per quarter.

What Other Services Can Be Scheduled?
Some homeowners find it convenient to schedule other upkeep services at the same time. For a reasonable fee, other services can be scheduled including the maintenance of guttering, roofing, siding, concrete at driveways, sidewalks and patios, exterior cleaning, and the like. You can even incorperate the Home Backup Plan into the Home Upkeep Plan.

How Does Someone Sign Up for the Home Upkeep Plan?
It’s very simple. Just call the company at (901) 864-0701. A Cary & Company representative will meet with you, measure your home, determine your desired services, and give you the annual price for your plan. You will be provided with a service agreement that reflects the pricing and service dates for the next year. Finally, and maybe most importantly, you can be at peace about the upkeep of your home.