The Home Backup Plan

Cary & Company offers homeowners emergency preparedness services. Emergency preparedness is simply a matter of planning ahead for life interruptions as lightning storms, ice storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and the like. Most of us have probably thought about getting a generator, stashing away some water and food, and developing some kind of a game plan for the next time the electricity goes out.

The more we watch the news, the more we realize our comfortable lifestyles could be easily interrupted in a few short moments! To minimize your potential discomfort, Cary & Company now offers The Home Backup Plan. This plan can be very basic including a pull-cord generator and some basic survival amenities. Or, it can be more elaborate with an electric-start generator, more amenities…maybe even a safe room. Once in place, Cary & Company can set up bi-annual service visits to keep time-sensitive items fresh and operational (i.e. batteries, food, water, fuel, etc.).

All you need to do is call Cary & Company, schedule a consultation visit, choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle, and then, let us set things up in your home. Minimal trouble now. Peace of mind for the future.